Scott Peters Resume

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Last Updated – 11/10/2023

Data Engineer | Azure Developer | SQL Developer

Summary of Qualifications

  • Expertise in relational databases, proficient in SQL focusing on set-based operations and optimized query performance.
  • Skilled in leveraging relational databases for business intelligence activities, including data transformation, dimensional modeling, operational data storage, and decision support systems.
  • Experienced in building highly scrutinized reporting systems that are regularly audited by the FTC, SEC, state agencies, and external auditors, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and delivering accurate, reliable data for stakeholders.
  • Experienced using the Microsoft Azure platform to create secure and resilient architectures using Data Factory, Databricks, Function Apps, and DevOps CI/CD pipelines.


  • Cloud Services: Microsoft Azure – Data Factory, Databricks, Function Apps, DevOps, Log Analytics
  • Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Databricks, Snowflake
  • Languages:  SQL, Python
  • Data Visualization:  PowerBI
  • Data Integration:  SSIS, Data Factory
  • Source Control Systems:  GitHub, Azure DevOps


Kestra Financial
2021 – Present
Data Engineer

  • Create and Support ETL operations utilizing Microsoft Azure; Azure DevOps, Datalakes, Databricks, Data Factory, Key Vaults, and Function Apps.
  • Research complex data quality issues in a multitude of databases, including Snowflake, SQL Server, and Databricks.
  • Provide support on file operation and API activities utilizing C# Azure Serverless functions.
  • Utilize Azure DevOps for CI/CD deployments into Snowflake, SQL Server, Data Factory, and Databricks.
  • Participate in the intake, level of effort planning, building, and testing phases of the various data engineering projects.
  • Assist with day-to-day challenges, development operations, and removal of blockers.

Veteran Affairs – Financial Services Center
2018 – 2021
Data Engineer

  • Architected data pipelines from multiple sources, including data warehouses, operational repositories, and flat files.
  • Decoded daily transactional flat file database files into relational models using SSIS and T-SQL (SQL Server).
  • Created data warehouse and data mart layers for consumption by data visualization tools (Spotfire and PowerBI).
  • Created complicated risk, fraud, and abuse detection systems using T-SQL.
  • Performed data profiling activities; integrated, cleaned, and manipulated data from the VA source systems.
  • Collected data from disparate data sources for informed decision-making and case management.
  • Enhanced data collection and analysis across the VA enterprise to improve Veteran services and support.

2005 – 2017
PL-SQL Oracle Developer

  • Supported Accounting, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Fraud and Risk, and Operational departments for reporting, ad-hoc, and data analysis needs.
  • Developed PL/SQL packages, procedures, and functions employing advanced coding techniques; proficient in bulk collecting, implicit and explicit cursors, exception handling, SQL tuning, encapsulation, ETL, and data transformation services.
  • Provided SQL performance tuning and execution plan analysis to ensure delivery of SLA-sensitive data.
  • Data reconciliation/auditing between data warehouse, staging areas, and OLTP systems.
  • Supported internal/board-initiated, client, FTC, and state agency audits.
  • Provided OLTP cash flow reconciliation reports, inter-bank calculations, 1099 tax, and KPI modeling using PL/SQL and Excel.
  • Calculated commission reports totaling $10 million per month.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Iowa State University.  Business – Management Information Systems 

Certifications: Please review the following page (or visit my LinkedIn) for a comprehensive list.
Certification List – Advanced SQL Puzzles