Matching Cards in Two Decks

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If you shuffle two separate decks of cards, what is the probability of the same card appearing in the exact same position in the two separate decks?

Approximately 36% of the time the two decks will have zero matching cards in the same position; 64% of the time it will have at least one matching card. When I run the simulation 1 million times, the most matches I get is 9.

import random
from collections import Counter
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

loop = 100_000
result_total = []

# create two decks of cards with 52 cards each
deck_of_cards1 = list(range(1,53))
deck_of_cards2 = list(range(1,53))

for _ in range(loop):
    # shuffle both decks
    # compare cards of the same index in both decks
    result = []
    for d1, d2 in zip(deck_of_cards1, deck_of_cards2):
        if d1 == d2:
            result.append(1) # if two cards match, add 1 to the result list
    # append the count of matches to the result total list

# sort the result total list and count the number of occurrences of each value
keys = list(Counter(result_total).keys())
values = list(Counter(result_total).values())

# determine percentage of each value in the result total list
values_pct = []
for x in values:

# create a bar chart to show the distribution of results,values_pct)
plt.xlabel("# of Card Matches")
plt.savefig('matching-cards-two-decks-barchart.png', dpi=300, bbox_inches='tight')

# print the sorted percentages in descending order