Oracle 1Z0-149 Exam

Hello everyone! Has anyone passed the Oracle 1Z0-149 exam? I would love to hear your thoughts. I attempted this exam last week and did not reach the required 66% to pass.

And it appears I may be the first person posting about this exam online here….

The exam is insanely difficult; 65 questions, 90 minutes, and costs $245. It is a code centric exam with the vast majority of the questions involving multiple complex code blocks. At 90 minutes for 65 questions, I found myself well short on time trying to finish.

To pass this exam you will need to excel at collection methods, bulk collecting, cursor types, code compilation, control structures, variables, etc… If you can recite PI to the 36th decimal and can easily identify when a digit is misplaced, then I think you may have a chance at this exam. You need to be a savant to pass this exam.

So, I’m happy that I attempted the exam, but it seems a bit too much for any developer. I’ve passed quite a few of these certs, including some difficult ones like Microsoft’s 70-461, 70-761, and 70-762, along with Oracle’s 1ZO-049 exam, so I do have experience here, but I definitely won’t be reattempting this exam.

So, if you have passed or even attempted this exam, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Here is a link to the Oracle website for the Oracle 1Z0-149 exam.

Happy Coding!

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